HydroBoost IV Therapy: Your IV Vitamin and Hydration Clinic

Meet the passionate owners of HydroBoost IV Therapy, Aretha and Lawrence Bates. With a collective background in healthcare and public service, they bring a unique blend of expertise to the field of IV vitamin and hydration therapy. Aretha, a seasoned registered nurse with over 20 years of experience, is committed to improving health outcomes. Lawrence, a retired correctional officer with 15 years in public safety, knows the value of security and well-being. Together, they've transformed their knowledge into a thriving haven for wellness seekers.

How It all started:

The journey into IV vitamin and hydration therapy for Aretha and Lawrence was a serendipitous revelation. One late night, Aretha stumbled upon a TV program featuring travelers seeking a rejuvenating "pick-me-up." Intrigued by the concept of vitamin infusions, she scheduled an appointment that same day. The incredible vitality she experienced left a lasting impression. Lawrence, initially skeptical, soon followed suit and experienced remarkable rejuvenation. However, after relocating to Middletown, Delaware, they discovered a lack of IV Vitamin and Hydration Clinics in the area. This led them to establish HydroBoost IV Therapy and embark on a mission to educate the community about the life-enhancing benefits they had discovered.

Our Mission

At HydroBoost IV Therapy, our mission is to empower individuals with the vitality and well-being they deserve. Committed to community education, we offer services designed to promote wellness and vitality.

HydroBoost IV Therapy offers IV vitamin infusions, hydration therapy, electrolyte replacement, immune system support, nursing care, monitoring services, and more in Middletown, Delaware, and Cherry Hill, New Jersey.